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5 Easy Steps to make Homemade Organic Manure

How to make an organic manure

Wondering how to make homemade organic manure/fertiliser, then you have come to the right place. Please go ahead and read the article.

Everyday we cook healthy food for ourselves, we try to have chemical free organic food and fruits so that we can lead a healthy lifestyle. Will you believe if I say you can also keep your plants healthy just by consuming nutritious fruits and vegetables? You’ve got to believe me.

Unave Marunthu is a popular proverb in Tamil which literally means Food is the medicine. This is not only applicable for humans but also for plants. Organic manure is the best medicine a plant will ever want.

Steps to create a powerful organic manure:

1. Segregate your kitchen waste into biodegradable waste and non-bio degradable waste. Bio degradable wastes can be vegetable peel, fruits leftover, newspaper, cow dung slurry, dry plant materials. Non-Bio degradable wastes are generally plastic wastes like milk packets, food packets, etc

2. Take a 10 litre container fill soil first and on top of that put fresh bio degradable waste, repeat this process until the container fills.

3.Now close the container with a plastic sheet and make sure it is kept air tight. Anaerobic decomposition happens here.

4. For every two weeks please turn over the soil so that bottom portion comes to the top and top portion goes to the bottom. At any given point of time keep the container air tight except during the turn over process. You don’t want flies wandering over the container. Turnover soil for every two weeks to maintain even decomposition.

5. After three months homemade organic manure will be ready to be used for plants.Now you are an expert who knows how to make organic manure from your own home waste, please go ahead and continue staying healthy.

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5 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps to make Homemade Organic Manure

  1. Priya

    This is very helpful!
    I have my own little garden. And I always wanted to make my own organic manure for my saplings instead of buying it.
    This is a perfect post for people like me! Very easy and clear to follow!
    Thank you!

    • Veeramani

      Thank you Roopkumar. Keep checking my blog for more updates!

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