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Types of Soil

Classification of Soil

India is known for its different types of culture and language likewise let me explain you about the types of soil. There are various types of soil present in India out of which I  will explain you the major types of soil below

Different types of soil in India

  1. Alluvial soil
  2. Red soil
  3. Black soil
  4. Laterite soil
  5. Forest and Mountain soil
  6. Arid and desert soil
  7. Saline and alkaline soil
  8. Peaty & Marshy soil

Alluvial soil

Alluvial soil is a river bed soil which can be seen in river beds. Crops like wheat, paddy, etc. is grown.

Red soil

Red soil can be seen prevalent across the country, it contains more iron and aluminium content. It is generally suitable to grow all crops but more water is required.

Black soil

Black soil has a clayey texture because of which it requires less water. Specific crops like cotton can be grown.

Laterite soil

Laterite soil are found in hilly areas and are generally acidic in nature. Cold crops like beetroot, carrot and plantations like tea, coffee can be grown.

Forest and Mountain soil

As the name implies Forest mountain soil, is seen in Forest locality. It contains more of organic matter because, human interference like adding chemical fertilizers will not happen

Arid and Desert soil

Arid and Desert soil are found in desert region. It has a sandy texture and is poor in nutrient contents. Specific plants like dates, cactus, etc. are grown.

Saline and Alkaline soil

Saline and alkaline soil have sandy texture and contains sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide

Peaty & Marshy soil

This is a forest soil

The above are the classification of major types of Indian soils. You can get more information on soil types in the Government of India website.

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